you deserve a home you love to be in.

You know how you want it to feel, you just can’t seem to figure out how to get it there…

let me help you

Hey you, Jen here!

Professional Organizer
(but distinctively different)

Using my unique blend of home organizing & declutter coaching paired with home styling finesse, I create 'just for you' solutions that make home your favorite place to be. I serve clients in and around the San Diego, CA area or virtually anywhere across the country.

I am a mom of three (including a set of twins), and I spent 24 years working in healthcare. Trust me when I say I understand how busy and stressful life can get!

Life's demands can be overwhelming, and I have personally experienced the toll it can take.

That is why my mission is simple . . . to help you clear the clutter and create a welcoming and inviting home - a place you go to relax, recharge, and find comfort as you do this thing called life. 

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I’ll help you clear the clutter.

Let’s make your home goals a reality.

When you live in a beautiful, well-organized space that’s not packed to the rafters with stuff you don’t know what to do with, you'll experience a newfound sense of freedom and tranquility.

Gone are the days of stress over your never-ending household to-do list and the suffocating overwhelm of clutter and mess. Your once-cluttered, disorganized space is now transformed – organized, tidy, and undeniably beautiful.

As you walk in the door, you'll be greeted by a home that feels like you and your unique style, inviting you to spend time and make memories in it.

You might even decide to have people over (people you INVITED!) to enjoy your newly organized and styled spaces with you.

Most importantly, you’ll feel confident and comfortable — the way you’re supposed to feel in your own home

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I have the BEST clients...

"Jen had a plan for everything.

We asked for her help with our kitchen, office, and garage. On moving day, she was unpacking and organizing our kitchen while the truck was being unloaded. By the end of the day, I didn't have to stress about where to find plates, cups, and things to cook with -- Jen is worth her weight in gold for that alone!"

- Katy O -

"Right from the beginning, she was very responsive, warm, easy to work with,

a great listener, and really helped us to think through how we wanted to utilize the rooms in our home. . . If you are looking for help in organizing and designing spaces in your home, I would highly recommend Jen! The investment in this services with Jen is well worth it!"

- LEAH T. -

"She knows her business.

Not just the mechanics of organizing (what goes where) but also the psychology of helping a person organize which entailed, in my case, purging...A LOT. She had a caring, firm, logical approach to helping part ways with my stuff. . . If you’re in need of organizing/decorating services, hire Jen D."

- ANN P. -

"I highly recommend Organized by Jen D. for your organization needs.

She is an absolute gem and is fantastic at being kind but firm, meaning not judging but helping you see that you may not need 20 cans of tomato varieties. Jen felt like a member of our family by the time the project completed. I would definitely have her return for other projects and hope you do, too.”

- Sylver C -

- Sharon A -

"Thank you once again for doing such an AMAZING job organizing my garage.

It’s such a joy to walk in and find anything I might be looking for within a matter of minutes. I so appreciated your expertise, attention to detail and your incredible “spatial intelligence”! My garage was once a place of confusion and irritation – it is now my new “Happy Place”.

This is the mantra I live by when working with clients:

“Good organizing is not about perfection. Instead, it is about finding solutions perfectly suited for you.”

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