You can turn your space into a personal retreat.

I’ve been an organized person my whole life. It’s just who I am.

Jennifer Du Bois,
Professional Organizer, declutter coach, interior stylist

I own what I love and need, and no more.

Everything I have is something I use. All of my clothes are worn. There’s nothing that sits on a shelf or hangs in my closet waiting for the day when I’ll need it or feel like wearing it.

I don’t go without the things I want in my life — but I do get rid of anything that drains me or I don’t love, use, or find practical. And that, my friend, is the key to creating your personal retreat.

We’re talking about the kind of home you love walking into at the end of a long day - because it feels like a sanctuary.

If that’s something you’ve been missing in your life, you’re in the right place.

Your home should be a place you love to be in — not one that stresses you out when you open a closet or cupboard.

You don’t have to have a picture-perfect home that looks like the ones you see on social media, you only need to use the space you have well, and make it work for you. A space that is free from clutter, feels good, reflects your individual style, and replenishes your energy.

Because when you feel good at home, you feel better everywhere else.

Imagine how your life would change if you freed up yourself from the burden of unwanted things, the overwhelming panic you feel at the thought of a house guest. Or the frustration of purchasing items for your home only to find them not be cohesive with the vision you had in mind - or like the spaces you see on Pinterest.

My  goal is to help you go from Pinning to living in your home, so that home becomes your favorite place to be. 

Isn't it time you made your home goals a reality?

Check out how we can partner up to change the way you live in your space.

I am ready!

Wanna know more about me?

Things I love

Quiet moments in the morning before my family wakes up

A warm cup of tea — feels like a hug for my insides

corny dad jokes — The cornier the better!

Kind humans!

Comfy Pjs

I have the BEST clients...

“Jen is amazing. She took my nasty, cluttered garage and actually turned it into a room I enjoy spending time in.

Everything has a place, and the space is neat, tidy, and cute! I used to grab my clean clothes from the dryer and fold them inside. Now I fold them in the garage because I love looking at the beautiful new space.

I’m now able to fit a second vehicle with plenty of room to spare, and it’s so calming to have everything organized and easy to find. Jen made the organization process so easy.

Thanks so much Jen!”

- Cathy S -

The 4D's To Organizing

My signature organization style to help you create a space that feels good and provides you with the sanctuary vibe you’re craving.


Decide on a single starting point — it’s important to organize one room or space at a time to prevent overwhelm.



Distribute all items in the space or room into categories.



Determine where you’ll store the items you’ll be keeping. Having homes for all your items eliminates the need for constant decision making.



Design a system for storing items. Keep efficiency and function as the top priorities. Containers aren’t always necessary but they can be used to help keep items together.

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