Ready to ditch the clutter?

A clutter-free space leads to more time spent caring for yourself.

Isn’t it time you did something for you?

You’re busy and overwhelmed. But did you know that the clutter in your home is adding to your stress level and robbing your time? A recent study found that women who described their living spaces as cluttered reported high levels of stress and felt like they didn't have the time to do the things they enjoyed. While women who had a regular practice of decluttering and styling their homes said they felt more restful and restored. More time and energy to do the things they love. 

You could actually make date night with your partner. Or watch an epic movie (and replay your favorite part a few times). Just imagine, for a moment, what you could you do if you had more time and felt more confident about your home?  Could you invite friends over?  Would you feel motivated to fit that new hobby in? Create that lush at-home spa night you’ve been craving?

Having a beautiful and organized home is more than just the esthetics. It’s about taking care of yourself. It’s nourishing yourself, nurturing yourself, and being kind to yourself.

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Are you stressed out by an upcoming move?  I'll help you declutter before the move, and then help you get organized and settled in your new home.

Not only will you be able to find everything you need from day one of living in your new space, but I'll help you make it look gorgeous during the process. I can help you style your new home with the furniture and decor you already own, or add a few select pieces. Moving in has never been so easy or stress-free!

Priced on a per-project basis — Book a call

Moving Services

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Need help making organizational decisions, but ready to do the heavy lifting on your own? I’ll walk you through the process through video calls and unlimited text/email support. You’ll have an over-the-shoulder organizer who will help you make decisions, stay motivated, and create the space of your dreams.

You’ll be the eyes and hands of the process — I’ll be your guide. After it’s done, you won’t believe you managed to organize such a beautiful space with your own two hands.

Starting at $285 per space

Virtual Home Organizing

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Imagine opening your closet or pantry doors and loving what you see — instead of quickly closing the doors and hoping no one got a peek. Your closet will look so good, you’ll be tempted to permanently remove the doors and show it off to anyone who drops by.

We’ll work together to design bespoke closet systems that are both stunning and practical.

PRICED ON A PER-PROJECT BASIS — Schedule a free design consultation

Custom Closet or Pantry Design Services
Modular Closets

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I’ll come into your space and work with you to create a space you love. Whether you prefer a done-for-you organization where all you have to do is make decisions on what to keep and discard, or want to work side-by-side and learn the steps of organizing the entire space, you don’t have to do it alone. We can work on one priority space, multiple spaces, or your entire home.

I’ll be the eyes and hands of the process — you’ll be the heart. And when it’s all finished, you’ll have a space you could only have dreamed of.

Styling can be included in this process. I'll add decorative elements and arrange furniture  to ensure you'll enjoy looking at your newly organized space as much as you enjoy working/living in it. 

Starting at $510 per 6-hour session. additional organizers booked at a reduced rate.

travel packages are available

On-Site Home Organizing

Get organized in a fraction of the time and create your personal retreat.

Professional Organizing Services

Not sure if in-person or virtual organization is the right choice?

Book a complimentary consultation and we’ll do a personal needs assessment where we’ll determine together which option is the best for your situation.

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The Consultation Options

The consultation process is how we work together to determine the organizational relief you need. During the consult, we’ll do a personalized needs assessment, analyze your project, and discuss the investment required to accomplish your goals.

Zoom Virtual Consultation

30 Minutes, complimentary

*Done on a mobile device (your phone or ipad) to allow for an assessment of space(s) to be organized.

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In-Person Consultation

30 Minutes, $50 — This fee gets applied to your organization package if you book.

*You’ll walk me through your space(s) to be organized and I’ll take photos and measurements for accuracy.

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Please send me an email if you don't find a time that works for you.

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See how your life could change

Before & Afters

I have the BEST clients...

"We are extremely grateful for Jen being the catalyst to get our home organized and put together.

Everything in our garage has a purpose now and our essential items have a designated place that is easily retrievable. We now know where everything is. We look forward to more projects with her. We highly recommend Organized by Jen for your organizational needs. You have no idea what you truly value until you look at what you already have. Thank you Jen for everything!"

- Marnel H -

"Jen has helped me love my space even more.

Her eye and creativity allows me to declutter and bring harmony to areas that appear chaotic. Her patience and warmth show up in her solutions. I lived in an old house that needed organizing, raising young active teenage kids. She was able to capture my vision and solve what appeared to me as a huge challenge. My living room space is now productive and warm. She clearly has a gift!”

- Theressia N -

"Jen was beyond five stars. She understood my vision right away.

Since my session with Jen, my closet has remained cleaned. The systems she put in place make it a joy to keep the space clean and functional. Do not hesitate to reach out to Jen (while you still can), if you’re truly ready for expert organization and design. She truly has a gift."

- k. wharton -

"Jen has a caring heart and a teacher's spirit.

Instead of merely telling us what to do, Jen educated us on how to think about organization. She held our hand (figuratively) through challenging moments when we needed to let go of things and invited us to envision how we wanted to interact with our space as our future selves. I found this very aspirational."

- CHRIS Y. -

Let’s clear the clutter, organize, and style your home to create your personal retreat.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What parts of my home can you help me with?

I’m experienced with organizing all spaces in the home, from the smallest nook to an entire house. I can also help you unpack after a move and create intentional decisions about where your belongings will live in your new home.


Absolutely, I abide by the Code of Ethics set forth by NAPO. All of our conversations and work together will be held in the strictest confidence. I do share some images of my work to provide education, inspiration and to showcase my portfolio. Those images are only shared with my client’s consent and never contain any proprietary information.

Will you do the organization for me, or will you show me how during an in-person session?

It all depends on the goals you have established. If we work together, you will get the added benefit of learning my process alongside me. At minimum, I would need your input for decisions on what items you will be keeping.

I am embarrassed for you to see the amount of clutter in my home, will you judge me?

I am aware that there are many reasons spaces become cluttered. I aim to know the person behind the clutter and the issues they are dealing with. I am committed to serving my clients without judgement regardless of the situation.

What is included in your organizing sessions?

In addition to decluttering and setting up organizing solutions, my sessions include a suite of services -  space planning, product suggestions, shopping for organizing solutions, 1 car load of donation drop off, and arranging appointments with other service providers as needed.